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INTERSONO IVF clinic is located in Lviv which is a diamond in Europe’s crown, one of the leading cultural and educational centres in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Fall into mysterious atmosphere of a centuries-old heritage of the Lion City, walking through maze of small streets, covered with cobwebs of history. Lviv is 750 years old and possess beauty that conquered time and it took centuries and only the best European architects to build Lviv as we see it today. 

Lviv is a unique combination of Western and Eastern cultures. Where else one can see such wonderful samples of Ukrainian, Polish, Armenian, Jewish, German, Austrian and other cultures within a span of a 10-minute walk?

Lviv’s geographical location at the intersection of global cultures and civilizations has influenced its inimitable atmosphere.

Lviv is a large regional centre, occupying the area of 155 sq. kilometers. About 730,000 people reside permanently in Lviv.

Lviv is the city of numerous old universities, unique scientific establishments and archives, and famous libraries and museums. You can stroll about quiet streets, each time discovering something new and interesting for yourself.

We will help you to discover all the diversity of the city with the help of the best guides.

Lviv is a hidden pearl of Europe, which is slowly being discovered by the world.

It is very easy to reach our clinic on Antonovycha Street, 102. Antonovycha Street has great significance for the city transportation and it would be our pleasure to arrange for your transfer from the airport.

Your personal coordinator will accompany you at the clinic for all procedures and manipulations as well as assist in organizational issues.

Couples from more than 20 countries have travelled to us and have returned home pregnant!

We are ready to help patients from other countries overcome a wide range of fertility issues. Our doctors, nurses, scientists and support staff work together to develop a tailored treatment plan to give you the best possible chance of success.

We strive to help our patients achieve their family-building dreams.

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