Success Rates

Leading IVF clinic in Western Europe

Based on the accumulated over years’ experience, Intersono IVF сlinic proficient team of fertility specialists and embryologists managed to reach the highest success rates in Europe.

IVF with own oocytes

IVF with egg donor eggs

We have one of the best Egg donation programs in the Eastern Europe and we provide exceptionally high success rates. Our LIVE BIRTH success rate in Egg donation programs is 42%

Cumulative clinical pregnancy rates are achieved through multiple IVF cycles. It means that with each consecutive embryo transfer\cycle the chances to get pregnant are significantly higher.

Frozen Embryo Transfer, FET Cycles After IVF

In our clinic vitrification of "surplus" embryos after previous fresh IVF with patient`s own or donors` eggs shows excellent thawing survival and pregnancy success rates. Our LIVE BIRTH success rate in Frozen Embryo Transfer programs is 35%

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