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About Ovoria Egg Donor Bank

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Ovoria Egg Donor Bank is a science-driven, customer-oriented worldwide egg donor bank. 

Our mission  is to help couples to become parents by offering the highest quality donor oocytes. Launched in 2001, Ovoria unveiled the best standards in oocytes vitrification, thawing and distribution all over the world. 

Our goal is not success rates and guarantees systems, it is about the high quality of an egg donor.

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Our Values:

  • Science-driven egg donor bank: we implement the best donor traceability system, vitrification and thawing solutions by following the latest Kitazato recommendations. Our embryologists and fertility doctors study regularly ESHRE, ASRM egg donation scientific publications and guidelines;
  • Internationally fertility expertise;
  • Quality in the first place;
  • Large egg donor selection;
  • Guarantees of each set of oocytes;
  • Easy egg donor selection;
  • Family limit control:  we carry out strict quality control of the live birth number from each donor. In this way, we try not to exceed the maximum family limit in the particular country
  • Worldwide delivery. 

Ovoria Egg Bank Offer a Complex Solution

We have our own clinical facilities based on the Medicover fertility clinic in Ukraine. Moreover, we manage the whole egg donor process: egg donor recruitment, screening, oocytes retrieval, vitrification, storage and distribution. We set high standards and requirements that the potential donors need to meet in order to cooperate with our bank

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