For and against: two sides of donation


What is oocyte donation?

Oocyte donation is egg donation, one of the modern technologies for the treatment of female infertility. If a married couple is unable to conceive a child on their own, donor eggs can be used for fertilization on the recommendation of a doctor.
Sometimes, for various reasons and pathological conditions, women do not grow follicles and their own eggs do not mature. It can be a consequence of chemotherapy, premature menopause, a congenital feature, etc. Donation is also used when ovaries are removed or in case of high risk of transmission of genetic diseases to the child.

Everyone who participates in the donation program helps married couples who have no other opportunity to create a full-fledged family. If a potential donor meets all the requirements, he is carefully examined.

Legal and medical aspects of egg donation
All legal aspects of oocyte donation are regulated by the legislation of Ukraine, namely the order of the Ministry of Health No. 787 of 09.09.2013. The law regulates who exactly can become a donor and guarantees the confidentiality of data in the anonymous directory.
During the procedure, a contract is signed, where the female donor confirms voluntariness and awareness of her own intentions.

How is the donation procedure?
After signing the contract and issuing an individual card, the future donor undergoes all necessary examinations and visits specialists.
If all examinations are normal and there are no contraindications to egg donation, then the second stage - stimulation of the ovaries - begins.
Oocytes are obtained by transvaginal puncture under ultrasound control. The entire oocyte collection procedure is absolutely safe.


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