Bonne fête des mères Résultats! Gagnez le cycle de FIV gratuit


RÉSULTATS. Bonne fête des mères offre "Gagnez le cycle FIV gratuit".

LE GAGNANT EST: Jacqui Derichs-Daniva d'Australie.
Félicitations à Jacqui! Nous vous souhaitons de tomber enceinte avec la clinique Intersono IVF!

L’histoire de la fertilité de Jacqui:

Hello, My husband and l have been married for 9 years and have been trying to conceive a baby all that time. We have had 4 heartbreaking miscarriages and a blighted ovum in that time. The problem is, l married later in life and now my chances are reduced to zero as l am now 51 years old. We have looked into travelling overseas for donor eggs a few times over the years, but work commitments, or finances or unsure which country or clinic offered the best services always stopped us from committing and moving forward. The yearning for a child has put alot of stress on our marriage in the past but we are strong in our faith in God that the right opportunity will arise at the right time. I pray that this generous offer your clinic is extending may be our chance in achieving our dream of holding our child in our arms finally and making us a family. My husband is much younger than me so l know the only problem is with my eggs being to old to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy. Please consider us, despite my age in helping us to achieve our dream. Thankyou and God bless your team.

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