Free Webinar. Fertility treatment for HIV positive couples


Intersono IVF clinic invites patients and fertility specialist to participate at Free Webinar "Fertility treatment  for HIV positive couples". Webinar is scheduled for 27th of March at 8 p.m. (German time)

Intersono is a unique center in Western Ukraine offering IVF for HIV positive couples  which essentially consists of using the previously prepared sperm for IVF.

Getting pregnant for HIV positive couples. Is it possible?

Given the contemporary scientific advances and treatment options available for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) seropositive people these days have better quality of life, and that is why it is common for many couples in this situation to consider the possibility of starting a family.
An option available for a couple where the male partner is HIV positive is IVF treatment using appropriately prepared sperm. This technique is called “semen washing” and consists of separating the motile spermatozoa from the rest of the semen as HIV virus is contained in the seminal liquid. IVF treatment follows in order to achieve a pregnancy. This approach considerably decreases the chances of contracting the infection for the woman carrying the pregnancy as well as for the child.

Key webinar takeways:

  • Getting pregnant for HIV positive couples. Is it possible?
  • Pregnancy possibility for HIV positive women.
  • HIV positive couples fertility treatment at Intersono IVF clinic.
  • Treatment procedure.
  • Necessary tests for male and female patients.
  • Price of IVF for HIV positive couples.

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