How to choose right IVF clinic?


Where should I start? Whom should I turn to? How do I make the right choice? These are the types of questions going through the heads of most couples looking into fertility treatments.

The amount of couples struggling with fertility grows each year, as does the number of fertility clinics. How do you choose that one clinic that will gift you the joys of parenthood? Moreover, what should you really focus on while making your decision?

Here are 10 important criteria to consider while choosing a fertility clinic that is right for you.

1. How long was the clinic on the market and do they have enough experience?

This is probably one of the most important points to consider when making a decision. Seeing as the results and effectiveness of an embryology lab depend on at least 2-3 years of meticulous everyday practice. In order to achieve above average performance, an embryology lab has to work for at least 5 years. During this time, we have successfully exceeded the hopes and expectations of our patients.

2. What are the clinic’s performance indicators?

What are our chances? - This is the most common question our doctors get when speaking to a couple for the first time. It is common practice for clinics to exaggerate their performance indicators in order to win over patients. It is important to note that the average performance indicators of European clinics are 44-46% (Patrick Prag and Melinda C. Mills “Assisted reproductive technology in Europe. Usage and regulation in the context of cross-border reproductive care” in: Familien and Societies. Working Paper Series, 43 (2015). Due to many hours and days of scrupulous work, the Intersono IVF medical team was able to raise this number to 54%. Over the past 15 years, more than 5000 children were born as a result.

3. Does the clinic keep up with European standards of quality?

Unfortunately, the legislation regarding IVF quality is not very strict in Ukraine. This gives way to clinics that do not have the best interest of the patient in mind. Intersono IVF Clinic belongs to a network of European clinics called Medicover. Our clinic works under the same quality standards as the clinics of United Kingdom, Poland, Georgia, and Belgium. European experts subject Intersono IVF to quarterly inspections, and our patients can be sure of our up to date standards of care.

4. Does the clinic have an embryology lab?

Most often, patients’ priority is in finding a doctor that will make their dreams a reality. Many do not realize that about 70% of success lies in the hands of qualified embryologist. Everything from lab ventilation to the level of humidity is important when creating the perfect place for growing embryos. The Intersono embryology lab is equipped with the latest technology and uses only certified culture system.

5. How professional is the staff?

Even the most impassive equipment turns rubbish in the hands of an amateur. The professionalism of the clinic’s staff is definitely one of the key elements of success. All of our specialists undergo compulsory training in our partner clinics abroad. Also all staff members easily communicate in English, which gives opportunity of seeking knowledge through international conventions and workshops.

6. Am I able to get other medical help in the clinic?

Very often, there is not just one reason for infertility, which is why it is important to undergo numerous examinations and tests. The ability to see a general physician, gynecologist, surgeon, or a genetic counselor in one place could make your IVF journey convenient and stress free.

7. How well is the genetic material monitored within the clinic?

It is very often that patients are concerned with the handling and tracking of their genetic material. The fear of the wrong embryo transferred to the wrong set of parents is quite common. Any work with oocytes, sperm, or embryos at Intersono is always confirmed by two specialists, and double-checked to avoid chances of mishaps.

8. Cost VS.Value?

The cost plays a substantial role when most couples are making a decision. It is important to remember that quality has a price of its own. When bargaining with quality- time and the number of IVF attempts could grow. This is something to think about. The cost of IVF material varies greatly, as does its quality and effectiveness. Who is the distributor? What certificates of quality does their company provide? These questions require serious thought before drawing conclusions about the cost of a program.

9. Does the clinic have good reviews from previous patients?

This is a very important criterion, as 9 out of 10 of our patients recommend us to their friends and family. We have gained the trust of patients from over 20 countries, and we are proud knowing that the patients in our hallways have chosen Intersono over other fertility clinics. Things like video reviews, feedback on forums and chats help paint the picture of any clinic.

10. When should you leave the clinic?

If anything about the atmosphere or the staff feels even a bit off- leave. If the clinic refuses to provide you with information, if the clinic refuses to give you a tour, if the clinic does not allow you to see the embryology lab, if you are not told who will be performing the embryologic procedures, if you are not given your lab results, if procedures and their purpose is not explained to you, if the staff is not answering your questions directly - leave. Trust that inner voice that is saying “Something isn’t right” and leave. When going through IVF communication and trust are very important. Know that the door of our clinic is always open. We will do our best to make this a comfortable and pleasant experience for you. The choice is always yours.


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