First visit

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Pretreatment appointment

According to your needs, a lot of preliminary treatment processes or activities can take place online.

For instance, we can discuss your infertility history and compose your further treatment plan by email and/or over Skype.

All of the necessary medical examinations can be performed within 1 day at Intersono – or, you can undergo the examinations in your hometown.

After the receipt of your detailed infertility treatment history and the already performed medical examinations, our experienced fertility specialist will evaluate all the provided records and will opt for the best treatment plan that will be the most appropriate in your particular case.

In addition, we can perform donor matching in case of necessity. Our excessive egg donor catalogue enlists over 200 donor oocytes available for stimulation in fresh cycles and over 2 000 vitrified oocytes which are immediately available for order in our Egg Donor Catalogue!

You can easily reserve donor online or come directly to our clinic and our coordinator will confirm the availability of the chosen donor as well as assist in donor matching to make sure you have selected your perfect donor.

Our team of professional and competent specialists will take complete care of your well-administered program and during your stay at the clinic.

We are available 24/7, ready to offer advice, support, or medical recommendations.

Once you have received your treatment protocol, you may either take medications under our constant supervision at your home or come to Lviv and visit the clinic for the scheduled scans before the embryo transfer.

The clinic not only takes complete care and responsibility to arrange your transfer to the clinic; we would also we will be happy to offer suggestions as to the places that are worth seeing.

A representative of our patient care department will meet you at the airport or the railway station and deliver to the hotel either chosen by you or booked by Intersono IVF clinic.

1 visit – 1 week

Most frequently the patients who undergo egg donation treatment (either with fresh or vitrified donor oocytes) come for a week and visit the clinic on the day of donor's egg collection oocyte warming to provide the sperm for the obtained oocytes fertilization. Your personal coordinator will accompany you at the clinic for all procedures and manipulations as well as assist in organizational issues.

In case there is no possibility for the male partner to come to the clinic or you already have cryopreserved semen – our courier will take care of its safe and professional delivery to Intersono IVF clinic, in compliance with all required to transportation biological materials and legal norms.

Once the cycle is complete, our fertility specialist will provide you with the further instructions and recommendations until the pregnancy blood test, which you will perform in two weeks.

In case the cycle is successful, we provide you with a scheme of the medications that you will take until the 12th week of the pregnancy. Even after the embryo transfer, we are happy to retain the connection with our patients. We are looking forward to meeting them again when they return to Intersono for a sibling for their child.

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