IVF for single women


IVF is a popular method of infertility treatment. The essence of this modern reproductive technology is as follows: fertilization of the egg occurs outside the woman's body. Many single women are interested in whether they can do IVF or not. The answer is unequivocal: yes! However, you need to understand that in vitro fertilization is done only for medical reasons.

Currently, more and more women who have not managed to meet their husband decide to give birth to a child for themselves, and the latest medical developments come to the rescue in this matter.

Modern medicine has taken a step forward and has given every woman, including single women, the opportunity to become a mother. A woman who does not have a sexual partner and who cannot conceive a child naturally should undergo an examination to determine whether she is fertile. Next, she undergoes a study of the patency of the fallopian tubes.

IVF for single women is performed using donor sperm. In vitro fertilization with donor sperm is a real chance to give birth to your own healthy child. This method is absolutely safe, as the donor sperm is checked for possible diseases. When a newborn is born, a woman is assigned the status of a single mother, and the biological father has no rights over the baby.

There are such treatment options as IVF in natural cycle, IVF using mild stimulation (Japanese protocol) or normal hormonal stimulation.
If you are a single woman and want to give birth to a baby, contact the "Medicover IVF clinic” and we will help you!

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