Mother’s Day Offer! Win FREE IVF cycle with fresh donor ovas


Intersono IVF clinic wish a Happy Mother's Day to all the women that will be celebrated on the 12 of May 2019.  

On this occasion we would like to give a fantastic opportunity, especially to the women, who suffer from infertility, to participate in our future offer and experience the joy of motherhood, because we understand the importance of this experience for every woman. 

Intersono IVF clinic clinic would like to give a chance to infertile patients to Win 1 free IVF cycle with fresh donor oocytes. If you would like to be a part of it, please fill out the Application form below:

All the applications will be accepted from the 10th of April till the 11th of May 2019. 

View which options are included into the  IVF cycle with fresh donor oocytes

Taking care of patients is what Intersono IVF clinic is all about.

Intersono IVF clinic possess an effective customer service and communication skills with all patients who are looking forward to finally hold their dreamed and desirable child. Our multidisciplinary team provides compassionate, patient-centered plans that are tailored to individual’s needs. Intersono IVF clinic offers a full range of treatment options and the chance to become a mother only in a few weeks.

Exelent results in pregnancy rates

56% clinical pregnancy rate in IVF cycles; 64%  CPR in Egg donation programs, 100% CPR in “Get pregnant in the first attempt” treatment program. 

Why choose Intersono:

  • Free fertility specialist's consultation.
  • Personalized treatment programs.
  • 1 visit treatment.
  • Legal Egg donation and Surrogacy.
  • Egg donor bank.
  • Sperm donor bank.
  • 450 egg donors with proven fertility and diverse phenotypes.
  • 64% Clinical pregnancy rate.
  • No waiting list.
  • PRP (ovarian, endometrium rejuvenation).
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