Patient Success stories

Rose: "Thanks to you & Doctor Uliana "

It has been almost over a year since I came to visit your clinic with Dr. Uliana . I just wanted to say Thanks to you & Doctor Uliana . My daughter is doing well & her name is A. she is about 8 months . Again , thanks so much for your good works & Dr. Uliana also.

Kalman & Vanda: "Thanks again for your help! "

Dear Uliana Dorofeyeva and Lytsuna, The twins are gone 1-year-olds, are developing, and everything is all right with them! Thanks again for your help! :)

Mary: "Thank your team you are so lovely and caring, brilliant clinic, keep making wonderful babies"

Thank you so much Dr. Uliana, second time lucky, at least we found out what the cause was, i am so happy, if only i can get them to term and have healthy babies, thank your team you are so lovely and caring, brilliant clinic, keep making wonderful babies, your so good at it, trust me we Irish need you, you are blessed at making babies, will keep you in my prayers, bless you!

Clarissa: "Adorei tudo! Espero vê la daqui há 9 meses com muitas alegrias"

Eu gostaria de agradecer por você ter sido meu anjo aqui! Você é uma pessoa de raro coração. Adorei tudo! Espero vê la daqui há 9 meses com muitas alegrias.Toda a equipe INTERSONO são pessoas maravilhosas!

Mary Stehle Good: "Very Highly recommend! The staff is VERY professional!"

Very Highly recommend! I did a lot of research before going to Ukraine and what a wonderful trip!! I was nervous if what I had read was real or just a bunch of hype or a scam but the whole process went smoothly, and the staff is VERY professional! I would say the care is even better than I experience at my OBGYN when I got back home and the rest of my prenatal care. I wish I could have kept my Ukraine staff and doctors compared to what I experienced here at Kaiser!! Mary Stehle Good, USA

Nxxx: "They are both beautiful, smart, funny and happy little girls."

It has been a really long time since I sent you an update on our girls. They are now 2 1/2 and 4 1/4 years old. I cannot believe how time is flying. They are both beautiful, smart, funny and happy little girls. I am pretty much in awe of them. They also really love each other and it is so wonderful to see them share and play together.

Txxxx: "Thank you!!!"

Hello!! I have a positive beta pregnancy test and I am very happy. I have an ultrasound next week where we will look for a heartbeat. I will write you what the results are. So far I am hopeful.

Lхххх & Rхххххх: "Many thanks again for everything!"

Well its 2 weeks since you looked after me so well in Ukraine. I have done 13 pregnancy tests since last Tuesday 26th July and they are all positive!!!! We are over the moon. I am booking an early scan for 3 weeks time and will let you know the result.

Pххх and Kхххх: "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

As you can see we have our two little miracles! Twins! And a boy and a girl!!! They were born on the 23rd February, by caesarean section. Emily was 2950g (6lbs 8oz) and Benedict was 2620g (5lb 13oz). We are so incredibly happy - but very very tired. I can never thank you all enough for making this miracle happen. But we will never forget you and our beautiful children owe their lives to you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Paola: "There are TWO"

2 heartbeats, 2 gestational sacs, 2 perfect little embryos measuring exactly correct. I am still in shock but VERY happy. Wow!

Dxxx: "Everyone loves her!"

I hope you will again accept my deepest gratitude for the joy you and the doctor and embryologist and donors have given me with my wonderful daughter, Emma. She had her first birthday on the 21st of July. She is pulling up to a stand (I think she will walk within a few weeks) and is getting her teeth in. She is a very happy, joyous child who loves music! She laughs and does a "wiggle dance" when she hears music. She is very clever, I think, always figuring out how things work. I wonder if she might become an engineer. She is cuddly and a true joy. Everyone loves her. She is really funny too! I just want you all to know that she is the love of my life and doing great!

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