Intersono IVF clinic in cooperation with Charitable Foundation “Life for Life” successfully conducts surrogacy programs since 2005. During this period 620 cycles were done and 403 happy children were born. 

Our goal is to provide our patients with services of the highest level. We believe that healthy happy child is the main purpose of each parent and we can make your dream come true!

Ukraine is considered to be one of the recognized centers of surrogacy in the world. Legal protection of parental rights of the Intended Parents, considerable cost and quality balance and comfortable location make Ukraine attractive destination for Intended Parents on their way to making their dream about full family come true.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is absolutely legal and is regulated by the Family Code of Ukraine and other legislative acts. Intended Parents will be able to make their dream about parenthood come true in Ukraine. Clause 2 of Article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine indicates the origin of the child born by the Surrogate Mother after applying artificial reproductive technologies with the use of gametes of the married couple and defines this couple as legal parents of the child.


Large choice of healthy Surrogate Mothers

NGS Screening/PGT-A (Gender Selection)

Unlimited Attempts in "All Inclusive Surrogacy Package"


According to Ukrainian legislation, Intended Parents must be officially married heterosexual couple and have medical indications to surrogacy. Before we start the program, you need to provide your marriage certificate with apostille and letter from the doctor with confirmation of your diagnosis.

Surrogacy Programs

Surrogacy with own oocytes

Surrogacy with donor oocytes

Surrogacy with cryo embryos

All Inclusive Surrogacy


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Program Options

Surrogacy packages

Surrogacy with donor eggs

Surrogacy with frozen embryos

Surrogacy with own oocytes

All Inclusive surrogacy

Intended parents medical consultations & examinationsTests for a partner 400 € Patients are using frozen embryos,
there is no need of tests
Tests for woman 430 €;
tests for partner 400 €
Genetic examination of Intended parents/egg donor Included for egg donor. Not included for Intended Parents Not included  Not included Included
Surrogate mother compensationIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Egg donor selectionIncluded- If patients are using own frozen embryos, shipped to Intersono, there is no egg donor selection.
- If patients are using embryo creation services through Intersono IVF, egg donor selection is included.
Waiting list for egg donortill 1 monthtill 1 monthtill 1 monthtill 1 month
Number of IVF attempts included into Surrogacy package1 IVF attempt1 IVF attempt1 IVF attemptUnlimited IVF attempts untill pregnancy confirmation
Egg donor compensationIncludedNot includedNot includedIncluded
Number of embryo transfers1 ET per 1 IVF attempt1 ET per 1 IVF attempt1 ET per 1 IVF attemptUnlimited Embryo Transfers untill pregnancy confirmation
"Waiting list for embryo transfer (depend on marital status of surrogate mother)"no waiting list for ETno waiting list for ETno waiting list for ETno waiting list for ET
Healthy embryo selection by PGDNot included. Additional payment: 2200€ for a  single gene disorderNot included. Additional payment: 2200€ for a  single gene disorderNot included. Additional payment: 2200€ for a  single gene disorderrNot included. Additional payment: 2200€ for a  single gene disorder
PGSNot included. PGS of 1 embryo 650 €Not included. PGS of 1 embryo 650 €Not included. PGS of 1 embryo 650 €Included
(PGS of 5 embryos)
Sex selectionIncluded (if PGS is performed)Included (if PGS is performed)Included (if PGS is performed)Included
(if PGS is performed)
Primary genetic testing (PRICSA I ; PRICSA IIIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Pregnancy care / surrogate mother screening (ultrasound scans etc)IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Informational supportIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Neonatal medical careNot includedNot includedNot includedNot included
Partner delivery in private/state maternity hospitalIncluded. State maternity hospitalIncluded. State maternity hospitalIncluded. State maternity hospitalIncluded.
State maternity hospital
Twins compensationNot included: to be payed 6000 € additionalyNot included: to be payed 6000 € additionalyNot included: to be payed 6000 € additionalyNot included: to be payed 6000 € additionaly
Multiple pregnancy costNot included: to be payed 6000 € additionalyNot included: to be payed 6000 € additionalyNot included: to be payed 6000 € additionalyNot included: to be payed 6000 € additionaly
Tubal pregnancyto be payed 1350 € additionalyto be payed 1350 € additionalyto be payed 1350 € additionalyIncluded
Curettage in case of miscarriage or silent abortionto be payed 1100 € additionalyto be payed 1100 € additionalyto be payed 1100 € additionalyIncluded
Additional NIPT test (Panorama, Harmony or Tranquility)to be payed 750 € additionalyto be payed 750 €
to be payed 750 € additionalyIncluded
Insurance for the Surrogate during whole pregnancyto be payed 1300 € additionalyto be payed 1300 € additionalyto be payed 1300 € additionalyIncluded
Legal services (obtaining of Ukrainian Birth Certificate)IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Embryo storageIncluded 6 monthsIncluded 1 yearIncluded 6 monthsIncluded 1 year

Surrogacy Process

  1. Establishing of the legal relations between the parties.

    You will only need to provide your passports, marriage certificate with apostille and confirmation of your diagnosis.

  2. Selection of the surrogate.

    Our coordinator will help to find the best candidate upon your individual requests. In cooperation with First Egg Bank we also help to choose high quality egg donors with best matching characteristics in case of need.

  3. Stimulation

    After confirming the surrogate, the doctor synchronizes the cycles of the Intended Mother (or donor) and the surrogate and plans the stimulation.

  4. Egg retrieval.

    At the day of egg retrieval the Intended Father needs to provide fresh semen sample. The embryologists fertilize the oocytes and store them in special environment, so they develop to the stage of blastocysts.

  5. Embryo transfer.

    The doctor transfers 2 embryos to the uterus of the surrogate and if there are more embryos - they are frozen.

  6. Pregnancy confirmation.

    In 14 days after the transfer we perform the HCG level test, which shows us whether we achieved pregnancy. In two weeks more we perform the first USG, where we can see the number of fetuses and heartbeat(s). From this day pregnancy screening begins.

  7. Pregnancy

    During all the period of pregnancy the surrogate is under constant care of the doctor and her medical coordinator. Every 2-3 weeks she comes to the clinic for the regular check-ups. She receives recommendation from the nutritionist and is supported by personal psychologist.

  8. Genetic testing.

    On week 11-13 we perform combined test, on week 16-18 - triple test. These tests allow calculating the risks of such genetic diseases as Down, Edwards and Patau syndromes and defects of neural tube. Childbirth. Starting from week 35 in case of one baby and week 33 in case of twins, the surrogate is under additional control of the obstetrician who will be delivering the baby. After delivery the surrogate and the baby are discharged from the hospital after 3 days in case of natural delivery and 6 days in case of Cesarean section.

  9. Legal process.

    Final step of the program which includes obtaining Ukrainian birth certificate. In case of need our lawyer can help you with preparation of all necessary documents for confirmation of child’s registration and citizenship at home country of his/her parents.


Our Surrogates

A surrogate mother is not just a woman, who carries a baby, she is an amazing person, who dedicates herself in order to provide the Intendent Parents a chance to feel the happiness of parentage. For nine months she takes care of a baby, she takes on herself a great responsibility for a new life. Not each woman can be a surrogate mother, she really has to wish this and be physiologically very strong. Before starting  a program and beginning medical procedures, it is important to ensure the body of a surrogate is truly ready to carry a pregnancy.

Under the Law of Ukraine, a woman, who has a wish to become a surrogate mother, should meet the following criteria:

- be between 18-36 years old;

- to have at least one healthy born child;

- be mentally and physically health.


In order to guarantee the perfect mental and physical condition of the candidates, we perform their screening for: −

  • Critical infections (HIV, HBsAg, HCV, syphilis),
  • Alcohol, nicotine and drug tests,
  • Pelvic ultrasound, USG of mammary glands, thyroid gland and internal organs,
  • Hormones (prolactin, TSH, T4, TPOAb, TGAb),
  • Gynecologist examination, vaginal swab, PAP smear.
  • IgG, IgM, IgA to TORCH infections (Ureaplasma urealyticum, Mycoplasma hominis, CMV, herpes type I-II, Toxoplasma gondii and Chlamydia trachomatis),
  • Blood morphology and biochemy, coagulogram,
  • Psychologist and psychiatrist consultations,
  • Endocrinologist examination,
  • Consultation of therapist and ECG,
  • Fluorography.


The surrogate visits psychologists regularly, so we ensure the psychological environment for the baby is as comfortable as it is possible. Moreover, we work on maximal including the Intended Parents in the process of pregnancy: by speaking to the baby and the surrogate in person or by Skype, recording stories for the baby, etc. Our team of psychologists is ready to help the patients in case of need.


In order to make the legal process easy and pleasant for you, we offer Go Home Package, provided by a qualified English speaking lawyer. It covers:

  • Legal consultations and support after the program is finished,
  • Preparation of the full package of documents required by your Embassy for application for the passport or Emergency travel document for your child,
  • Trip to Kyiv to the Embassy,
  • Additional services (translation, notarization, apostillization, etc.),
  • Assistance in confirmation or recognition of parental rights and other procedures of naturalization of a new citizen in your country of residence.


With desire to satisfy your need of comfort, we offer a package of additional services. Forget about organizational moments and give in to joyful expectation of your parenthood!

  • Meeting at the airport, railway station;
  • Hotel (apartment) reservation;
  • Airline ticket reservation;
  • Car rent (or services of a driver with a car);
  • Interpreter;
  • Leisure time organization (sightseeing tours, cultural and business events, restaurants, etc.). 

Real Patient Stories

Thanks again for all the wonderful work and help you put in with us. ​S&F
Dear Kateryna A huge thank you for being so fantastic throughout the whole pregnancy!​ Take care T and E
Hello! best wishes for the New Year and thank you for helping us to have the child most beautiful in the world! A&C​
Dear ladies, just to let you know we arrived safely home, once again big thank You for all support we received from You during the program A&M
Olena, Thank you very much for your help and guiding us through the process. For your hardwork in preparing all our paperwork, Best wishes, T and M
Olena, You have been amazing and saved us lots of time. We are very grateful to you! The babies are happily back in the UK. We got our emergency travel documents and this was only possible due to your excellent help! Thank you again
Thank you so much for preparing all the documents. They were presented so brilliantly and made the passport application side very efficient. She commented how very organized we where!

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