Transportation of frozen IVF samples from Ukraine to Israel only for 900€


Intersono medical courier service is proud to announce that starting from 2018 we managed to establish professional bound with brokers that as a result led up to partner cooperation with leading logistics companies in Israel and Ukraine. 

From this perspective, we take an important step to make our medical courier service at uttermost convenient and financially attractive for all patients who currently store their reproductive cells in the Ukrainian clinics and express the need to transport them for further treatment to Israel and vice versa.

Since 2008 we safely transport frozen eggs, sperm and embryos from Israel to Ukraine and vice versa.

Fixed shipping cost from Ukraine to Israel is now ONLY 900€.

It is important to remind that along with the transportation itself we provide complex set of services aimed at fast, in time and most importantly safe door-to-door delivery of the biomaterial.

Shipping cost includes:

  • Consultation and preparation of non-binding documents for transportation. All that is required from a patient is a signed consent form for transportation and notarized power of attorney on behalf of the courier.
  • Preparation of all necessary permits for transportation of material from one country to another.
  • Customs clearance of the material.
  • Modern equipment for the transport of embryos, oocytes, sperm.
  • Personal monitoring of the container with biomaterial during the trip. Our courier’s main responsibility is to ensure that container with cells is not subjected to the influence of external factors such as radiation rays and temperature fluctuations during screening procedures.

Delivery time

We guarantee that transportation from A to B takes not more than 2 working days.

Our medical courier service emphasizes on the fact that we cannot receive and transport material that is stored in non-laboratory. Conditions, this includes non-medical institutions, individuals or transport companies which for some reason failed to carry out transportation.

We recommend to avoid working with courier companies that cannot guarantee physical support of your material and do not conduct their business on the basis of any medical institution.

Trust your most valuable only to professionals.

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