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Intersono Egg donor catalog with over 300 donors offers a wide choice of egg donors available for stimulation in fresh cycles, as well as over 3000 already vitrified oocytes available to be booked immediately.

All our donors are rigorously screened, undergo a detailed medical diagnosis, genetic testing and psychological consultation for the safety of our patients.

All our egg donors are:

  • young and healthy,
  • have proven fertility and wish to share the joy of parenthood with others.

Advantages of Intersono Egg donor catalog

  • Free egg donor selection
  • 3000 of vitrified oocytes available at our Bank
  • On line donor catalog and a 3-days free access to the whole donor database
  • No charges for matching process
  • No waiting Lists
  • No egg sharing

We strictly monitor the outcomes of donation programs to ensure their highest possible outcomes. Our on line donor catalog which is permanently updated with new donor profiles will make the donor selection process easy and convenient.

Would you like the IVF coordinator to choose a donor for you? Please write us on e-mail:

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Intersono Sperm donor catalog includes profiles of over than 200 immediately available donors and more than 1000 highest quality sperm samples.

Our sperm donors are screened for :

Infectious Diseases

  • HIV-1 and -2
  • T. Pallidum
  • Hepatitis B (HBsAg)
  • Hepatitis C 
  • Chlamydia
  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea

Other screenings

  • Karyotype (46,XY)

To facilitate a prompt search of the sperm donor according to the required parameters, you may apply the following filters of:

  • donor availability (immediately, with 1-3 months or in 3 or more months);
  • blood type;
  • weight;
  • height;
  • hair colour;
  • eye colour.

Would you like the IVF coordinator to choose a donor for you? Please write us on email:

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