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Egg donation

Egg donation programs have been practiced by our clinic for 15 years with a great passion and care in order to assist people with fertility problems from all over the world who can not become parents otherwise. We offer both fresh egg donation cycles and cycles with vitrified donor oocytes, which are immediately available at Intersono bank of vitrified oocytes – the first bank of vitrified oocytes in Ukraine.

Indication for using eggs, donated by another women:

  • Reduced ovarian reserve ( AMH level is decreased, antral follicles account is decreased)
  • Premature menopause or ovaries failure has occurred
  • Poor response or no response to a previous stimulations
  • The woman’s ovaries have been removed or are damaged (by treatment for cancer with radiotherapy or chemotherapy)
  • Genetic or chromosomal abnormalities.

Success rates of Intersono Egg donation programs

  • Egg donation with fresh donor eggs - 64% CPR
  • Egg donation with frozen donor eggs - 59% CPR

Intersono Egg donor bank advantages:

  • 450 completely screened egg  donors with various phenotypes who are available for fresh cycles, proven fertility of all donors
  • Free egg donor selection
  • 5000 of vitrified oocytes available at our Bank
  • On line donor catalog and a 3-days free access to the whole donor database
  • No charges for matching process
  • No waiting Lists
  • No egg sharing

Together we will make several steps, which will bring you to your dream.

Step 1. Egg donor matching You can contact us through email and receive an access to our donor database with more then 450 completely screened egg donors. While you choose a donor our medical coordinator whithin 24 hours will confirm aviability of the donor and will book the donor for you. Also you can write all your requirements to egg donor and our medical coordinator can match several more suitable donors for you. After the matching the doctor contacts you and gives you a list of all examinations which will be needed for the program.

Step 2. Ovarian stimulation for the Donor and lining preparation for the Recepient. While donor is undergoing ovarian stimulation for follicle grouth, recipient is undergoing lining preparation . You will take Estradiol valerat to prepare your uterus lining for embryo implantation. Our doctor will prescribe the dosage and control preparation distantly. All you need is to do ultrasound scans and send them via email to the doctor.

Step 3. Egg retrieval for Egg donor During this procedure egg will be retrieved and have to be fertilized by partner’s sperm. So, you need to visit a clinic for fresh sperm production or send to the clinic a frozen sample. Our courier can visit you and take a frozen sample. After fertilization embryos are cultivated up to 5 days and then are ready for the procedure of transfer to the recipient uterus.

Step 4. Embryotransfer For this procedure you have to visit a clinic for 2 hours. You have to fulfill your bladder , you can eat and drink before the procedure. Embryotrasfer is a procedure, during which an embryos are transferred to the uterus under ultrasound control by thin flexible catheter. The procedure is safe and unpainless and is provided without anesthesia.

Step 5. Pregnancy test Pregnancy test. In two weeks after the embryotransfer you are recommended to have blood test for HCG. If it’s positive – you are pregnant. Our doctor will prescribe you medicines for next two weeks until your ultrasound scan.

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