Infertility treatment Programs

Budget Egg Donation program-Intersono IVF clinic

Budget Egg Donation Program

Egg donation programs with PGS intersono ivf clinic

Egg donation program + PGS

 IVF with own oocytes + PGS Intersono ivf clinic

IVF with own oocytes + PGS

Embryo Donation.Intersono IVF clinic Ukraine

Embryo Donation program

Guaranteed IVF Program

Guaranteed Egg Donation Money Back Program

Guaranteed Egg Donation+PGS Money Back Program


IVF with fresh donor oocytes

IVF with vitrified donor oocytes

Combined IVF with own and donor oocytes

Double donation (IVF program with egg and sperm donors)

Frozen embryo transfer

Embryo adoption program

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